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At Kaizen Golf, we have Australia's largest range of high quality golf mats. They are designed to prevent injuries as well as give you a fantastic feel at impact. Be sure to check out our Kaizen Golf Mat Buying Guide to help you decide on which of our Golf Mat product is right for your needs.

Large Golf Mats (1.5m x 1.2m)

Our range of large mats are made to last and have been used by driving ranges and indoor simulators all over the world. 

  • 3 Layer Mat or commonly referred to as the 3D mat. The main feature is the 10mm air cushion layer between the turf and the base to help dampen the impact on your joints. This will suit someone who does longer practice sessions and practices more frequently.
  • Tee Turf Mat - this is our flagship product and has a 35mm tee turf which not only lets you insert your own tee, but allows you to hit 'down and through' to provide more realistic turf interaction. As the club doesn't bounce off the mat, this style of mat is known to help improve ball striking as you will definitely feel the fat shots. If you work with a launch monitor or simulator, you can really see the drop off in ball speed when you hit it fat.
  • Large Golf Stance Mat - premium large mat with15mm nylon artificial turf and 15mm foam backing with a 60cmx30cm cut-out to fit our range of hitting strips/inserts. Use as a standalone golf mat or as a stance mat. 

Portable Golf Mats & Hitting Strips

If you are after a more portable option - our foldable Tri-Turf Mat and Hitting Strip Portable Mat will be your ideal solutions. 

Our Kaizen Golf Hitting Strip has a unique design which gives you a realistic feel of taking a divot and protects your joints from turf shock. Compatible full size stance mat is also available. 

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6 products


6 products

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