How to stop your golf mat from moving around

Is your golf mat slipping and sliding under your feet every few shots? 

Well you are not alone, in fact this is one of the most frequently asked questions on Golfing From Home related Facebook groups and forums.

I've also experienced this myself, having your golf mat moving around when you are hitting balls can be very annoying. Your alignment can easily get out of whack, and if you've got a launch monitor placed on the mat next to the ball, you could get some misreads due to the movement. 

In this article we will share a number of practical tips on how you can stop your golf mat from moving. Whatever your budget, and whether you have your mat on a concrete floor, on carpet or even it's just sitting on your lawn, we've got you covered.

Golf Mat Security Bolt

Golf mat bolt

This is what you'd typically see at driving ranges and warm up nets at golf clubs. Not only does it keep the golf mat in place, it also prevents the mat from being nicked when no one is watching.

If you have your mat on a hard surface and don't mind drilling a hole on it, then it's a really good option. In fact you don't even need to buy the bolt that is specifically made for this purpose, a couple of dynabolts & washers would do the job just fine.

Double Sided Carpet Tape

Carpet tape for golf mat

If drilling holes is not an option, double sided carpet tape is also a very good option, especially if the surface underneath is relatively smooth.

Just ensure you put tape along the edges of the mat as well as a few strips in the middle of the mat for good measure then you should have a pretty stable hitting surface.

This is a very popular method for commercial golf simulator set ups. 


Velcro for golf mat

Similar to carpet tape, Velcro tape will also do an excellent job at holding your golf mat in place. 

These products will have adhesives on both sides and Velcro in the middle and come in tapes or pads. Whilst offering really strong grip, they will be a little bit more fiddly to install as you will have to apply it to both your floor as well as your mat and you will need to ensure that both sides line up. 

Rubber Golf Mat Base

If you don't want to drill holes or stick things down on your floor, or if you need to move your set up around, another really good option is a rubber base for your golf mat.

Golf mat rubber base

This product adds additional heft and grip at the bottom to keep your mat securely in place. This is our preferred method as we rotate mats quite often for testing purposes. You can also accessorise with a ball tray to give it a really premium and professional look. 

The downside of this option is that the golf mat base is quite costly.

Outdoor golf net set up Kaizen Golf

Anti-slip Mat

Anti slip mats

Another really cost effective and non-intrusive/non-permanent option is to use some anti-slip rubber mats between the floor and the golf mat.

Just lay it down on the floor and put your mat on top and you are done. However, as your mat is not actually fixed in place, it will still have a little bit of movement. 

Recessing It

 Golf simulator flooring

If you have an indoor simulator set up, another really popular option is to build another level of flooring using foam tiles and artificial turf and then have the golf mat recessed into it. 

The mat will be very secure sitting in the raised floor and you will achieve flat and neat look. 

Landscaping Nails/Pegs

What if your mat is on your lawn/garden? Some simple garden pegs will do a great job - they even come in green!

The downside is of course that you will make some small holes on your golf mat.

Garden pegs 

Final Thoughts

Having the golf mat moving about is very annoying. In this article we have listed a number of options which will ensure that your golf mat stays in place. Some are very simple and cost effective, so make sure you give them a try if you are facing this problem. 

Have you tried any of these ideas out? Have you had success with any other methods? We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us, we would be grateful for your feedback!    

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