Which Baffle/Golf Impact Screen Should I Buy? A Kaizen Golf Impact Screen Buying Guide

We have a large range of products to suit your needs

At Kaizen Golf, we have been working hard to build up a wide range of golf baffles and impact screens so that we can better meet the different needs of Aussie golfers.

Now that we have a number of products in this category, we often get questions from our customers on which product would best suit their needs.

In this article, we provide a guide on how to pick the product that will best work for you - and depending on your circumstances, you may not need to shell out top dollar for the most expensive product.

Kaizen Golf Professional Impact Screen

Essentially this article captures a typical conversation that we'd have with a customer who's looking to purchase a baffle or an impact screen and the process that we would go through with them to home-in on the right product. We are confident that, with the range of products that we have, once you go through this process, we will have a high quality product that is right for you too.

Now let's start with the most important question...

Are you planning to use a projector?

This is by far the most important question to ask, and if you have already decided on this then please feel free to skip this section and read on. But if you are still deciding whether a projector is the right way to go, then we'd suggest considering the following:

  • Your intended use - if you are just looking to give this 'golfing from home' thing a try and haven't invested in a golf monitor yet, then you may not want to commit to getting a projector yet. Similarly, even if you have a golf launch monitor but primarily want to use it for practicing purposes, i.e. looking at your numbers, then viewing the output using a tablet or a PC may be perfectly fine. However if you are committed to a much more immersive golf simulator experience, then having a projector is an essential part of the set up.
  • Outdoor vs Indoor - unless you have a fully enclosed indoor area, you will need to work through the following challenges if you really want to add a projector to your set up.
    • Lighting - having excessive ambient lighting will compromise the immersive experience. So you may only be able to use your projector when it's darker outside, even if you use a high lumen projector which tend to be more expensive. In this case, you maybe better off investing in a TV instead and have the graphics come through on the TV.
    • Cabling/Wiring - as we all know, having cabling and wiring exposed to the outside elements can cause issues. So having a projector may not be a practical option.
    • Dirt -  if you are looking to get a white impact screen for an outdoor set up, there's a chance that the screen will pick up dirt much quicker compared to an indoor set up. This may not be a great look long term and may also compromise on the picture quality. 

In general we don't recommend adding a projector to an outdoor set up unless you've thought through how it would work. You can still have a great setup outdoors - check out the video below from the 'Backyard Golfer' on such an example.

  • Budget - if you are setting things up on a budget, then a good projector will definitely eat into that limited budget. Also typically an impact screen that is designed to work with a projector will tend to be more expensive. So if budget is limited then having a 'no frills' setup without a projector may be your preferred option. 

I won't need a projector (for now)

So if you are not looking to use a projector or are not yet ready to commit to a projector, we have 3 suitable products that will suit.

Entry level

For those that have a limited budget or are looking to test out if a 'golf at home' set up will work for them, our heavy duty 3m x 3m golf netting may be the option to go for.

Made using heavy duty Nylon material, it's much stronger and more durable than most golf nets sold on the market.

Kaizen Golf Heavy Duty Golf Netting

At just below $100, it's the ultimate 'no frills' solution. Just hang it up and hit away. 

And in case you decide to upgrade to a projector set up, the netting is very versatile and can be repurposed as a side net or be placed behind the screen for additional support. 

I want the best 

If you want more strength and durability, our archery grade baffle is as tough as they come. If you are happy hitting balls without a projector for the foreseeable future, then this product will give you even more mileage than the nylon netting. We are really impressed with how well this baffle holds up over time and that's why we've included this product in our Golf Cage Kit product.

Kaizen Archery Golf Baffle Net

I might try a projector down the track

If you want a top quality golf baffle and want to try out simulator golf with a projector occasionally or down the track, a good versatile product is our white archery baffle.

It's also a very durable product that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and as it's a white baffle, it will actually produce very decent picture quality with a projector, see photo below where it's fitted to our Golf Cage.

Kaizen Golf Archery Baffle Impact Screen

I want to use a projector

For our customers who are looking to set up a golf simulator with a projector, we've also got 3 grades of products. 

Entry level

Our entry level 'no frills' product is again the white archery baffle. If you are budget constrained or only want to use the projector occasionally, this product is definitely worth considering, especially given how affordable and versatile it is.

Kaizen Golf White Archery Baffle Golf impact screen

I want better image quality

For those customers who are looking for a purpose made golf impact screen that will produce good quality image at a very accessible price point then we recommend our premium golf impact screen

Constructed using commercial grade material, this single layer screen is very durable and will deliver great quality image. This is a screen would suit most customers who are looking to build a high quality golf simulator set up.  

I just want the best

Finally we have our flagship "Professional" Impact Screens. These screens are designed for customers that want the ultimate golf impact screen. 

Made using thick, 3D multi-layer commercial grade polyester material with super fine mesh, our Professional Golf Simulator Impact Screen can withstand high ball speeds and produce the highest quality projector images for an immersive simulator golf experience.

The extra thickness of the screen will also help to keep the noise level down as well as limit ball bounce back.

So if you are looking to use a HD or 4K projector and potentially also use your set up as a home theatre, this flagship impact screen is definitely the product for you.

We are very proud to be offer this product to our fellow Aussie golfers at a very fair and affordable price point.

Kaizen Golf Professional Impact Screen

Final Thoughts

As our range of golf impact screen products grow, we wanted to write a guide to help you decide which product would best suit your needs. If you are on the market for a golf impact screen or a baffle, we hope this article will help you make an informed decision. 

If you have any further questions or any feedback at all, please feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you! 

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