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Kaizen Golf Cage Kit

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Get the Safest and Best Quality Golf Cage on the market!

Our Kaizen Golf Cage Kit 3m x 3m x 3m Golf Cage and Baffle is 3m deep and enclosed on three sides and at the top. The Cage style enclosure is the ultimate in being able to practice and play safely. 

Use it as a golf cage or upgrade to our white Archery Baffle Screen and turn it instantly into a golf simulator enclosure! 

We are confident that our product is the best Golf Cage on the market, because of it's unique features -

  • Instead of just using another layer of netting as the impact baffle, the Kaizen Golf Cage has an super Heavy Duty Archery Baffle that will easily outlast any golf netting.
  • Due to the weight of the baffle, a separate cross-bar is provided just for hanging the baffle. It's positioned inside the cage so that there is a gap between the baffle and the back netting. This is to ensure that the bottom pole and the back uprights are protected from stray shots.

You will not find these features elsewhere. 

This package includes:

  • Cage Corner Kit - 1 1/4" Steel frame corners for constructing your frame, including 2 T-Joints for the cross-bar. The corners are attached to the poles using thumb screws.
  • Cage enclosure netting - using dense UV treated black #252 netting
  • Super Heavy Duty Archery Netting Impact Baffle - Heavy duty archery baffle is hung on a separate cross-bar. The material is extremely heavy duty, no matter what club you hit, the ball will hit the baffle and drop straight down. You will be impressed with this baffle!
  • Separate cross bar design for maximum safety- The baffle is not hung directly to the back bar of the cage as is the case with most golf cages sold. The baffle is instead hung on a cross-bar that is onset from the back of the cage. This provides additional protection for the bottom and side bars.
  • Ideal for both Commercial and Residential use

**You will need to buy 12 x 3m 1" (25cm) metal poles / galvanised pipes. They are readily available from your local metal store or your local bunnings (sold as 'Metal Mate 25.4 x 1.2 3m Galvanised Steel Round Tube'). For even more safety, we also recommend purchasing foam pipe insulation also from Bunnings for additional protection. You will only need it for 6 of the sides maximum (cross-bar, bottom bar, and the 4 uprights). 

We do not stock metal poles ourselves as they are heavy and bulky and would increase shipping costs dramatically for our customers. They are just standard 3m 1" poles that you can source much more economically locally. From our research, these poles cost around $22 each at Bunnings, but if you don't have a local Bunning store, they are sold for around $27-$35 each at steel/metal suppliers. 

For more information on how to source your BYO poles as well as how to assemble the Kaizen Golf Cage, please see our detailed Kaizen Golf Cage Assembly Instructions.


Why don't you supply the metal pipes required?

Although we are able to manufacture metal pipes for this product, they are just too heavy and bulky and would end up costing too much in terms of shipping. Our customers can easily purchase standard 3m 1" pipes from their local metal store or bunnings at a much more economical price. As we are in the business of giving our customer the biggest bang for their buck and not maximising profits for courier services, we've decided to make this product 'BYO poles'.

Below is an example of what you would expect to pay for the poles and insulation from Bunnings. Note they charge a flat $50 delivery fee if delivery is required - please check that Bunnings will deliver to your area.  

Also For Sydney based customers, the Metal Warehouse offers 26.9mm x 3.25m pipes for $15 each, cutting is an extra $7 per pipe. Or you can easily cut them yourself and pipe cutting tools are very cheap.

Bunnings order for metal poles and insulation for Kaizen Golf Cage

Do I really need the foam insulation?

In fact a number of cages on the market do not come with foam insulation around the poles. However, to make sure that absolutely nothing can go wrong, we do recommend the extra protection. You can also use pool noodles as a more economical alternative. 

What if I'm in a windy area?

Due to it's weight, the cage is able to withstand a fair amount of wind. However if you are in a very windy area, here are some tips to keep the cage planted to the ground.

  • Sandbags - sandbags can be placed on top of the bottom bars to weigh the cage down. They do a great job in adding further stability in high wind situations.
Kaizen Golf Cage with sandbag
  •  Tent Pegs/Turf Pegs - similar concept to sandbags, tent pegs and turf pegs can also help to "peg" the cage to the ground.
Tent pegs for golf cage
  • Take down the baffle - as the baffle is a lot more densely woven, it will be affected by the wind the most. If you are in a very windy area, consider taking down the baffle when you are not using the cage. 

Shipping Rates

Standard Road Service Rates

  • NSW, QLD, VIC, SA & ACT - Flat rate of $40
  • WA, NT, TAS - Flat rate of $70
  • New Zealand - $200 via DHL Express

Premium Express shipping via FedEx or Startrack is also available for an Additional $60. 

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Habner
Kaizen Golf cage kit

Easy to follow instructions. We like that has a baffle in front of the net as we’ve had previous nets without the baffle that mean that balls go flying if net fails. It was cost effective & easy to get the required poles from Bunnings as per the links provided.

Thanks so much Mark, great to hear that you are enjoying the cage!