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The Kaizen Golf Hitting Strip Insert

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Get that Realistic Feel of taking a Divot and Prevent Injuries to your joints at the same time with The Kaizen Golf Hitting Strip!

Take a Divot - The flex of the Lexan/Polycarbonate material under our fairway turf gives the hitting strip the ability to compress down at impact which allows the clubhead to go down and through the turf. This is unlike traditional golf mats where the club will bounce off the mat - see video below.

Protect your joints - instead "crashing" into the mat at impact, the unique design of the hitting strip allows the club to get through the turf without significant deceleration (crashing), which is excellent news for your joints, especially if you are a bit of a "digger". 

Feedback on your ball striking - Fat shots are still punished as if you enter the "turf" too much behind the ball, the strike point will now be high on the face causing loss of ball speed and distance. You will also feel it in your hands and hear the difference. 

This product is perfect as an insert into raised flooring in your sim set up. You can also insert it into a cut-out of a traditional large golf mat. We recommend our Large Golf Stance Mat for this. 

If the insert is not recessed into a stance mat or a raised floor and if you tend to catch the ball heavy, there is a risk that you will catch the back of the mat. This may cause the lexan layer to break or for the turf to separate away from the lexan layer. 


Key Features of the Kaizen Hitting Strip include:

  • 60cm x 30cm hitting strip providing plenty of hitting space
  • 15mm Fairway Turf Hitting Surface - proven for ball flight accuracy with launch monitors and a smooth roll with the putter
  • Total height/thickness of the insert is ~30mm
  • Lexan Layer - allows the hitting strip to flex and compress
  • Strategically positioned Foam Feet under the Lexan Layer

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kaizen divot strip insert

Initial product review is it is well constricted and divot flexes well. the turf on top IMO should be a little plusher as the club seams to slide into the ball with this turf which effects the feel of a fatted shot. with a thicker pile on top the club will be slowed down a little through impact and you would feel the fat shot better more realistic and the result would show on the simulator. if they improved this feature this would be one of the best divot strips on the market

Thanks so much for the review, we really appreciate the feedback and suggustions!

Not worth the money

Good idea to have the changeable strip. I was looking for something that gives a better feel that the jarring base mat, but unfortunately this isn't it. Feels like hitting a board. Would love to get a realistic grass insert.

Thanks for the feedback Steve, we appreciate it. Sorry to hear that the product didn't suit your needs.

We do have other hitting strips which do not have the Lexan layer which may better suit your needs or provide the feel that you are looking for. The Lexan layer is required help this particular product to flex during impact so reduce the risk of injury. Thanks again.

Shane Helm
get one

awesome hitting strip. amazing to hit off. if thinking about it just get one.

Thanks so much Shane, much appreciated!

Brett Mortison
great item & arrived quickly

great item & arrived quickly

Robert Pittam
Product was as expected and is good quality

Product was as expected and is good quality