Shipping Information & FAQs

Shipping Information

Q. Where do you ship from?

We are located in Sydney and ship from Sydney.

Q. Do you offer local pick-up?

As our warehouse is not always staffed we are currently only offering pick-up by appointment. Please contact us if you would like to arrange for your order to be picked up.

Q. What are your shipping costs?

We use standard road courier services including Couriers Please, Fastway/Aramex and Allied Express. Our delivery costs vary depending on the products purchased. 

Premium shipping via FedEx or Startrack is also available for an additional cost.

Please refer to individual product pages for shipping costs for each product. 

Shipping costs for custom items will vary depending on the size, weight and delivery address. 

Q. Do you ship outside Australia?

Yes we do. Please contact us for a quote.

Q. How quickly do you ship your orders?

We target to have our orders dispatched for delivery within 2 business days. Typically we dispatch on the next business day. 

Q. What if my shipment is delayed?

Although it doesn't happen often, unfortunately some shipments do get delayed, especially during peak season. 

Please contact us in case of shipping delays and we are more than happy to assist with following up with our courier service providers.

Unfortunately we will not be in a position to issue full or partial refunds unless:

  • a shipment is deemed lost by the courier service, or;
  • there is a pre-agreed delivery timeframe and it has not been met.

Our Golf Mats

Q. Can you leave your Kaizen Golf Mat outside?

You definitely can leave the mat outside. The same type of mats are being used by golf driving ranges all over the world so they are built to withstand rain and UV etc.

Keeping them indoors will help, at least aesthetically, but our mats are made to a higher standard than those cheaper ones you might find on the market. 

Q. What are some tips on getting the most life out of your Kaizen Golf Mat?

We suggest the following for keeping your Kaizen Mat looking as good as new:

  • Please try not to roll it up – the mat is not designed to be rolled up and you may cause damage to the foam backing as well as the turf.
  • Try to store it indoors if possible – more to avoid aging/discolouration if you expose it to the elements for long periods. 
  • Try not to hit off the same spot – you will eventually get wear spots, so try to rotate the mat around and hit off different areas. 

Our Golf Nets

Q. I see a lot of similar products on Ebay, what makes your nets different?

Our nets are tested for strength and durability, we spent 3 months hitting drivers into the net every second day before we were happy to introduce the product to the market. 

Instead of cheaper polyester type netting you find everywhere on Ebay and elsewhere, we use Nylon netting which has much higher break strength.

Q. Do you have a guarantee for your Golf Nets?

Yes - we are very confident with our Golf Nets and offer a 6 month guarantee. Simply contact us if you have any issues within the first 6 months of receiving your net and we'll send you a replacement part. 

Q. What are some tips on getting the most life out of your Portable Kaizen Golf Net?

The life expectancy of the netting can be extended through care. 

Nylon material can absorb water if exposed to very rainy climate, without a chance to dry in the sun in between use, this does cause the material to lose strength over time.

If you intend to use it outdoors, we do recommend packing the net up and keeping it dry during long periods of rain to maximise the timespan of your net.

It is also advisable to use newer balls as friction caused by older balls which are scuffed up will cause the most damage to the netting, especially when it comes to high spinning wedge shots.

We would also advise that you purchase the net together with our Large Canvas Target Sheet.

Golf Impact Screens

Q. Do you do custom sizes?

Yes we do, please contact us with your requirements for a quote. Please also note the following:

  • We are unable to do sizes where both sides are larger than 3m.
  • Please allow ~2 month lead time for custom size screens.
  • For custom sizes screens where both sides are shorter than 3m, as we will have to resize one of the 3m x 3m products, the price will be the same as our standard 3m x 3m screen. 

Q. Can you use a projector with the Archery Baffle Impact Screen?

With fine mesh design and white background colour, you can get pretty decent image quality with a projector. This makes the Archery Baffle Impact Screen a very cost effective option for DIY Golf Simulator set ups.  

For best results with a projector, hang a light coloured sheet directly behind the screen to minimise light bleeding. 

Our Portable Golf Greens

Q. Do you do custom designs and sizes for your Golf Greens?

We absolutely do, please contact us to discuss your specific needs. Please note that given that the manufacturing is done overseas, the turn around time could be ~2 months.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q. Can I lay the portable green directly on my lawn? 

The portable green is designed to be laid on top of hard surfaces such as balconies, paved courtyards etc. Having the portable laid directly on your lawn may impact the performance of the product.