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Golf Impact Screen - Archery Baffle Net

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Looking for a super strong, super quiet yet affordable golf impact screen for your home simulator set up?

Designed to stop an arrow, our Archery Baffle Impact Screen is tougher than any golf netting material.

Given it's fine mesh weave and white colour, it can also be projected on to give you an immersive golf simulator experience.

Our Archery Baffle Impact Screen is ideal for a DIY indoor simulator set up or simply hang it up in your backyard or garage as a golf practice net. 

Comes standard as a 3mx3m screen, however we are able to do custom sizes - please contact us with your requirements for a quote.


  • Large 3m x 3m archery baffle/ golf impact screen
  • Super strong material with fine mesh, designed to stop an arrow
  • Noise deadening - much quieter than budget impact screens
  • Minimal bounce back 
  • White colour - can be projected on
  • Reinforced edges with eyelets for easy hanging / tightening  (please use ball bungees only for fastening the sides to avoid over-stretching and causing damage to the eyelets)
  • Eyelets are placed on the top and sides, no eyelets are placed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Designed for both indoor and outdoor use

Warranty Information

Note that all golf impact baffles have a limited life span and, while with proper care, screens should last a long time. However please be mindful that they are consumables and will eventually wear out.

Unlike many suppliers who offer no warranty for their impact baffles, we do offer a warranty for our baffles and surrounding trim:

  • 6 month warranty on impact baffles and surrounding trim subject to correct use of the product.
  • Damage caused by misuse (projectiles other than golf balls, club strikes etc.) shall not be covered.
  • Damage caused by incorrect installation (e.g. over-stretched using cable ties rather than bungee balls, not allowing enough space behind the baffle etc) shall not be covered.
  • Lifetime Replacement Discount - at any time during your ownership of our baffle, replacement baffles can be purchased (same size and finishing) at a 30% discount off retail price. Please contact us for details.


Do you do custom sizes?

Yes we do, please contact us with your requirements for a quote. Please also note the following:

  • We are unable to do sizes where both sides are larger than 3m.
  • Please allow ~2 month lead time for custom size screens.
  • For custom sizes screens where both sides are shorter than 3m, as we will have to resize one of the 3m x 3m products, the price will be the same as our standard 3m x 3m screen. 

Can you use a projector with the Archery Baffle Impact Screen?

With fine mesh design and white background colour, you can get pretty decent image quality with a projector. This makes the Archery Baffle Impact Screen a very cost effective option for DIY Golf Simulator set ups.  

For best results with a projector, hang a light coloured sheet directly behind the screen to minimise light bleeding. 

Want More Info?

Feel free to check out our blog articles on our Archery Baffles:

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jason Hughes
Impact screen awesome

Great product. Fast shipping

Thanks so much Jason, much appreciated!

John A.
Good Net for golf impact

Pleased with golf impact screen - archery baffle, which I have used for the last month, and seems to take the impact of driven golf balls well.
One thing that would have made installation easier was knowing that the top side contained 12 holes, the sides 6 holes and the bottom no holes. This configuration is fine, but knowing in advance would have been useful.

Thank you so much John for the feedback, great to hear that you are enjoying the new product. We have updated our product page to reflect your feedback regarding eyelets. Thanks again!

Paul Vitale
It is absolutely great and high quality.

Bought a golf net from. It is absolutely great and high quality. Have already recommended to my friends!

Kim Heinrich
5 stars 😃

Fast postage to regional Western Australia, and a great product, no more punching holes in the cheap eBay golf nets.

5 stars 😃

Darren Rooney
Archery Baffle Screen

Top class archery baffle net. I only wish I could post a photo to show a crystal clear image I've projected on to it.