Golf Archery Baffle vs. Golf Netting - what is the right choice?

Golf Impact Net vs. Archery Baffle

If you are looking to build your "golf at home" set up, one of the most fundamental questions you will be asking is "what should I hit the ball into?"

You can obviously go for ready-to-buy products such as golf nets or full golf simulator enclosures, but if you are looking to go down a DIY path to better suit your requirements or budget, popular options for hitting the golf ball into include golf netting and archery baffles. 

In this article, we will do a detailed comparison between the 2 products and hopefully will help you in deciding which product is best for you. Another popular choice, especially for those who are looking to build a golf simulator, is a Golf Impact Screen, we will do a similar article down the track to cover this product.

Also if you are looking for inspirations on how to fashion a frame to hang the impact screen/netting on, please check out our "How to build a DIY Golf Net" article here.

Golf Netting vs. Archery Baffle - what are they?

Before we get into the comparison, let's quickly cover what these products are.

Golf Netting

These are sheets of netting you can buy which you can then hang or fasten onto your frame. They are usually made from Nylon or Polyester material and are available in a variety of colours and sizes. 3m x 2m and 3m x 3m are popular sizes. 

At Kaizen Golf, we have a 3m x 3m Heavy Duty Golf Netting product. We have tested it ourselves and it's a very high quality and durable product. We will be using this product as a benchmark for this comparison. 

Here is a photo of a DIY golf net we've made using this netting product. 

DIY golf net

This product is also used in golf cages, see photo below.

3m Golf Cage

Archery Baffle Golf Impact Screen

These products are a fine meshed net which is designed to stop arrows at archery ranges. Given their strength and durability, these archery baffles have also quickly found a new purpose in the world of golf. 

Archery Baffle Golf Impact Screen

As a bonus, you can actually get pretty good quality when you point a projector at it so it offers a cost-effective alternative to ultra-expensive golf simulator impact screens.

Kaizen Golf | Archery Screen Impact Screen

Check out our in-depth review of our Archery Baffle Impact Screen in our "Product Review : Kaizen Golf Archery Baffle Impact Screen" article.

We will use our 3m x 3m Archery Baffle product for this compare.

Golf Netting vs. Archery Baffle - which one is for me?

Here's the side by side comparison between the two products against a number of considerations.

 Consideration Archery Baffle Golf Netting
Price $226 for 3m x 3m  $97 for 3m x 3m 
Strength / Durability This is arguably the strongest product on the market given the heavy duty material used and fine mesh design. 2.5mm nylon with 15mm x 15mm certainly makes this net one of the strongest when it comes to golf netting, however we don't believe it will out-last an archery baffle.
Ease of Installation

The archery baffle comes with reinforced borders and eyelets which makes attaching to frames very easy. We suggest using bungee cords however cable tiers can also do the job.

Another advantage with the archery baffle is that it hangs naturally, so you can just fasten it at the top to minimise tension and therefore minimise bounce back. 


The golf netting comes with rope boarders and can also be attached to frames very easily, again by using bungee cords or cable tiers. However as it doesn't naturally hang, you will have to fasten the sides as well. 
Custom Sizes Custom sizes available. Custom sizes available.
Aesthetics Looks more like a screen which does give it a more "premium" look. Of course this one is somewhat subjective. Netting material are basically "transparent" so you can see whatever is behind the net.
Outdoor Use

The Archery Baffle was made for outdoor archery ranges so it can definitely withstand the elements. 

One thing to consider is that as it has much finer mesh and does not let wind go through, so it will need a fairly sturdy/permanent frame if you have a breezy outdoor environment, otherwise you could send you golf set up "sailing". 

The golf netting material is also suitable for outdoor use.

 You can get away with a lighter frame with this material as it is not impacted as much in windy conditions. See photo above, our net was made with PVC pipes.

Projector?  Yes - this the party trick of these archery baffles. You can get pretty decent image quality with a projector, see photo above. No

Archery baffles are not as quiet as golf nets which are virtually silent. You will hear a small thud with the archery baffle, but it's still super quiet when you compare it to some golf impact screens which can be much more expensive.

In most cases, there would be no issues having this in an indoor environment. 

This material is extremely quite upon impact with a golf ball.
Best Suited For
  • Budget golf simulator builds
  • More permanent set ups
  • More basic/budget set ups
  • Side protection netting


Final Thoughts

In general, a golf netting material is a more budget option and does not require a sturdy frame to be hung on. It will also serve as a great option as protective side netting.

For a bit more money, an archery baffle offers more durability and a more premium look. In addition, it opens the door for a much more immersive experience when used with a simulator. However it is recommended to have a more permanent frame to attach it to. 

We hope this article has been helpful if you are planning out your "golf at home" set up. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you! 

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