Product Compare | Kaizen Full Swing Golf Net vs. Golf Cage

When we are talking about golf nets that offer maximum safety, not too many products on the market will offer the same level of protection as a golf cage.

We recently completed a long term test of our Kaizen Golf Cage Kit as part of our product development process and want to share our thoughts on how the golf cage compares to our flagship golf net which is the Kaizen Golf Full Swing Golf Net.

We will compare the two products across a number of factors including the level of protection, space requirements, ease of install, cost as well as simulator golf compatibility. We hope this will help you in making an informed buying decision if you are on the market for a high quality golf net.

Kaizen Golf Golf Cage

What Is a Golf Cage?

Before we get to the compare - a quick overview of what a golf cage is.

A golf cage is essentially a large golf net which encloses the golfer. They are typically 3m tall, 3m wide and 3m deep, but there are larger ones on the market too. They are mostly seen in golf courses but are now making their way into golfers' backyards too.  

As the golfer is effectively enclosed when hitting in the cage, it offers extremely good protection no matter how high, low and sideways you hit your shots.

So now that we've introduced the Golf Cage, let's get to the compare - and for this compare let's say that the cage is 3m x 3m x 3m, which is the most popular size on the market.

Level of Protection 

If you are hitting the ball from inside the golf cage, then you are fully protected, Phil Mickelson lob shots, duck hooks, hosel rockets...hit away.

Kaizen Golf Golf Cage

In certain instances, you may want to hit from outside the cage (see pictures below), for example

  • If you prefer to aim to the centre of the net instead of hitting from off-centre.
  • For taller golfers, it might be challenging to "fit" their swing inside the cage, especially if you are hitting drivers. When I was hitting drivers, I had to have the ball about 50cm off the side netting, which did feel a bit awkward.

Kaizen Golf Golf Cage

Golf Cage

So if you are hitting the ball from outside the cage, the Full Swing Net, at 2.7m tall and 3.4m wide, arguably offers just as much protection.

Kaizen Golf Full Swing golf net
Winner: Golf Cage (when hitting from inside the cage)

Space Required

If you have limited space in your backyard or don't want to commit as much space for a permanent golf net set up then between the two products, the Full Swing Net is the relative "space saver". But make no mistake, even the Full Swing Net is on the large side.

Winner: Full Swing Net (it's all relative...)

Ease of Installation

In a way this is quite academic as you really don't want to be frequently putting these products up and taking them down. But for what it's worth:

  • The golf cage is definitely a 2 people job and you are doing pretty well if you can get it up and running in less than 2 hours.
  • The full swing net ideally will require 2 people but can be put up in about 30min.

Winner: Full Swing Net


The cost of the Kaizen Full Swing Golf Net is currently $499 + delivery.

Total cost for a Kaizen Golf Cage would be around $750 + delivery, depending on where you source your poles.

Winner: Full Swing Net - but arguable you are getting a more substantial product.

Simulator Golf Compatibility

So you have a launch monitor and want to play a bit of simulator golf? 

Want to project your golf simulator software to an impact screen?

Then having the capability to hang a 3m x 3m golf impact screen (see our range here) makes the golf cage a better option. Add some black out curtains on the side (and a bit of elbow grease) and you've got yourself a nice golf simulator enclosure. 

Golf simulator enclosure

You can of course also project on the Full Swing Net too, but the baffle net that you can project on is smaller at 1.9m x 2m so the experience will not be as immersive.

Kaizen Golf Full Swing Golf Net Simulator

But if you are just using a TV or an ipad/laptop for simulator golf, then there of course will be no difference between the two products.

Winner: Golf Cage (when using projector with a impact screen)

So Which One Should You Get?

Based on having tested and used both products quite extensively, we think the golf cage is suited to someone who:

  • Wants to be fully enclosed when hitting shots
  • Has plans to potentially convert it into a DIY golf simulator enclosure with a projector
  • Has sufficient space in either their shed or backyard

On the other hand, the Full Swing Golf Net will suit someone who:

  • Still wants great protection from a golf net but doesn't quite have the space for a full golf cage set up
  • Doesn't want to spend the near $800 price tag for a golf cage
  • Does not need to project golf simulator software onto a large impact screen

Finally, both the Golf Cage as well as the Full Swing Golf Net are not cheap and do require a lot of space. We understand that that not everyone is in a position to purchase one. There are of course other options on the market at different price points - feel free to check out our Golf Net Buying Guide here. At the end of the day our mission is to get every golfer hitting balls from the comfort of their own homes and shooting better scores, no matter your budget. 

Do you agree with our thoughts? Are you interested in us bringing out a golf cage? We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us, we would be grateful for your feedback!  

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