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The Kaizen Golf Cage Kit

With more and more golfers setting up their own practice area at home, Golf Cages are making their way into more and more golfers' backyards and sheds.

It's hardly a surprise - that sense of reassurance when you are hitting a ball inside a fully enclosed golf cage is very unique to this design. You just know that the ball will not escape the enclosure no matter how badly you hit it.

 Kaizen Golf Cage

After more than 1 year testing our own Golf Cage product, we are excited to launch our Kaizen Golf Cage Kit, and in this article, we'll provide an in-depth review of the product and will cover key considerations such as the assembly process, strength and durability, safety and of course, the cost. 

If you are on the market for a golf cage and are considering our product, we hope this article will help you in making an informed buying decision. We are of course biased, but we are very confident that this is best golf cage product on the market. 

As mentioned, we have tested this product ourselves for over 12 months and the review below is based on actual real long term use after hitting thousands of balls into it and having to assemble and disassemble it quite a few times.

Key Features

Before we cover the various buying considerations, let's quickly cover the key features of this cage:

  • Measurements - 3m x 3m x 3m Cage
  • Frame construction - metal poles (BYO) with powder coated steel corners with separate cross-bar for hanging the impact baffle
  • Enclosure netting - UV treated polyester golf netting
  • Baffle - Heavy duty archery baffle hung from cross-bar. Did we mention heavy duty?

Ok let's have a look at the Kaizen Golf Cage in detail.

Sourcing Poles Required

First of all, let's go through how to source the metal poles required. You basically need to source 12 x 3m 1" (25cm) metal poles / galvanised pipes. We decided on making it BYO poles to ensure that we can keep the cost down for our customers given how accessible these pipes are.

If you have a Bunnings Warehouse near by, then it's actually a breeze. Just order 12 'Metal Mate 25.4 x 1.2 3m Galvanised Steel Round Tubes' from Bunnings, then job done. The poles are $22 each.

Bunnings warehouse metal pipes

In true online store fashion, we naturally went for the online order + delivery option and it was super easy. We just submitted the order online with our local Bunnings and someone turned up with an ute and dropped them off 2 days later. Please note they charge a flat $50 fee for ute delivery.

Also For Sydney based customers, the Metal Warehouse offers 26.9mm x 3.25m pipes for $15, cutting is an extra $7 per pipe. Or you can easily cut them yourself and pipe cutting tools are very cheap.

Metal poles for KAizen Golf Cage

What if there's not enough stock at my local Bunnings? 

We also initially encountered this problem with our local Bunnings, but all you need to do is to give them a call or pay them a visit and they will look up where there is stock and manage the order for you - Bunnings is fantastic!

What if we don't have a Bunnings near by? 

As 1" gal pipes are a fairly common item at all metal stores, you may have to look up a local metal store to source these. They may need to custom cut these into 3m lengths as well.

We rang up a number of metal pipe stores all across the country just to get a feel for how much they charge, and the cost of 1 pipe ranged from $27 - $35 each.

Ease of Assembly

It's a big golf cage and is intended as a permanent installation. So if you need to frequently put it up and take it down quickly with 1 person, then this unfortunately is not the right product for you.

We have easy to follow detailed instructions that come with the product and have an online guide here to also give you a feel for how to assemble the golf cage.

If you follow the instructions, it should take 2 people around 1 hour to assemble the cage, but it will require 2 people.

Kaizen Golf Cage installation

Strength and Durability

This is one of the biggest selling points of the Kaizen Golf Cage. Instead of giving you another layer of golf netting as the impact baffle, we have opted for a super durable and super strong archery baffle. Balls just hit the baffle and drop, time after time, regardless of which club you are hitting. And it's super quiet too!

Through over 12 months of testing hitting thousands of balls, the baffle is not showing any signs of wear, we are extremely delighted with this baffle. We really believe that you will be too.

Also, given its relatively simple design with no fancy push-button click joints etc, the metal frame will last a very long time. 


Safety is another aspect where the Kaizen Golf Cage really shines. 

First of all, given the size of the cage, you have the option of hitting inside the enclosure itself, which is what we did. As you are hitting inside an enclosed environment, no stray shots will end up outside the enclosure. Safety - tick.

The cage is a very safe set up too even if your preference is to hit outside the cage, either because you want a more central target or if you have super long limbs. Basically you have a 3m x 3m area that you are hitting into, which is plenty big.

Generally speaking for a golf cage, the 'high danger' areas tend to be the side bars and the back bottom bar. For those cages where the side bars and bottom back bars are exposed, there's definitely a risk of a ball ricocheting back at you. If you have one of those cages, we would highly recommend that you install some padding/protection.

This is no issue for the Kaizen Golf Cage. As the baffle is hung on it's own cross-bar in front of the back bars of the cage, these back bars will not come into play. 

Kaizen golf cage cross bar

For extra safety, you can opt for some pipe insulation or even pool noodles to wrap the poles with. We've got some for our test product just to test how easily you can source them and how well they go. They didn't really see much action...but you can't have too much safety right? 

Kaizen Golf Cage Frame

We can honestly say that we've had no mishaps at all during our extended testing of this product.

Versatility & Compatibility with Golf Launch Monitors

Have a golf launch monitor and want to play simulator golf? The Kaizen Golf Cage or any golf cage can be readily turned into Golf Simulator Enclosure.

Just get a 3m wide Golf Impact Screen and point a projector at it!

We've used one of our white archery baffle screens in the photo below with flood lights turned on and the image is still pretty impressive! You can upgrade to this option for an extra $50.

The Cage Enclosure also ensures that you are hitting from a very safe environment even if you are 8-10 feet away from the impact screen which is what is required for most radar based golf launch monitors.

Pro-tip: Need to lower the height of the enclosure? Just cut 30-40cm off the 4 uprights and you should be able to fit the cage inside any indoor space. Pole cutters only cost around $10 at Bunnings.

Kaizen Golf Golf CAge simulator enclosure 

Kaizen Golf Simulator enclosure


We at Kaizen Golf are all about providing good quality products  without burning a hole through your back pocket. Our Golf Cage product is no different, and by going with a 'BYO Poles' product, you can have a top quality golf cage set up for around $800. If you want to add protective padding for the poles then it will be roughly another $100. Price breakdown below:

  • $429 + $40/$80 delivery for Kaizen Golf Cage Kit
  • $264 + $50 delivery for pipes from Bunnings
  • $783 - $823 Total Cost Delivered depending on state

We really believe our cage represents the best bang for your buck.

Don't forget that you will get a further 10% off the price of the cage if you purchase it together with a golf mat from us.

Usage Tips

Before we wrap up, here are some usage tips that we have picked up during our extended testing period.

High wind areas 

Due to it's weight, the cage is able to withstand a fair amount of wind. However if you are in a very windy area, here are some tips to keep the cage planted to the ground.

  • Sandbags - sandbags can be placed on top of the bottom bars to weigh the cage down. They do a great job in adding further stability in high wind situations.
Kaizen Golf Cage with sandbag
  •  Tent Pegs/Turf Pegs - similar concept to sandbags, tent pegs and turf pegs can also help to "peg" the cage to the ground.
Tent pegs for golf cage
  • Take down the baffle - as the baffle is a lot more densely woven, it will be affected by the wind the most. If you are in a very windy area, consider taking down the baffle when you are not using the cage. 

Need a Target?

We see a lot of other golf cages on the market which come with a target sheet. The main reason for this is to protect the baffle netting behind it. However the downside is that it can be quite loud, especially if you get a polyester or vinyl one.

You really don't need a target sheet for our golf cage for durability reasons - yes we are that confident.

But if you want one so that you can have something to aim at and get feedback, then you can definitely hang one on the cage. Check out our 1.5m canvas target sheet if you are looking for a good quality target sheet.

Golf cage with target sheet

Measure out your space first - the Golf Cage will take up a large chunk of space. So if you don't have an abundance of space then ensure you plan out where you will position the cage + enough space for your golf swing and position your launch monitor if you have one. Try and pick a relatively flat area if you are setting it up in your backyard.

It will be tough to move the cage once it's fully assembled. 

Final Thoughts

Through our long term test of the Kaizen Golf Cage Kit, we really believe that it's fantastic bang for your buck if you are on the market for a Golf Cage. It's extremely strong, durable and provides maximum safety. You can even turn it into a Golf Simulator Enclosure very easily.

Any downside? Yes - it's a monster compared to most other golf net products out there, so it will take up a lot of space and is not easily assembled and taken down. These should definitely be factored into your buying decision. 

So that was our detailed review of the Kaizen Golf Cage Kit, we hope that it will help you in making an informed buying decision. If you have any further questions or any feedback at all, please feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

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Hi guys. Is there anyway the opening of the cage could be widened, ie so the opening was say 4m wide? I would like to hit inside the cage, I would have no issue with the height. But would ideally like to hit from the middle of the cage. With it being 3m wide would feel cramped and feel like I would hit the left side pole. I saw in one of your blogs you have mentioned standing further to the right so you have more room to follow through with the club on the left, but would be nice to have a bigger opening so you can stand in the middle.

James Walton

Hi Peter,

Thanks for reading our blog post and apologies for the late reply!

Yes you can definitely cut the side poles down and bring down the height of the cage. This will not impact the integrity of the cage. The only thing will be that you will have some hang at the bottom with both the netting and the baffle.

Hope this helps!

Kaizen Golf

Thanks for the article. The cage sounds great, all the way through I was thinking can I cut the poles down to fit my roof space which is only 2.5 (I can swing my clubs in that roof space) so I would have to cut 50cms off the 4 uprights, would they impact the integrity of the cage?


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