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So you want the best Golf Cage

Kaizen Golf Golf Cage

If you are after the ultimate golf net set up, then it will be hard to go past a Golf Cage. Hitting golf balls from a fully enclosed cage ensures that basically nothing will go wrong - skied drives, hossel rockets, worm burners...we've all done it.  

And of all the Golf Cage products on offer in Australia, we really believe that our Kaizen Golf Cage is the best product out there.

Not only do we offer a archery baffle screen that is far stronger and more durable than the standard impact netting you will find on other offerings, our adjustable T-bar design creates a gap between the baffle and the back bars of the cage, to create extra safety from any stray shots. 

However, compared to our other golf net products in our range, golf cages do take a bit more work to get set up. Also the build will be a 2 man job, so make sure you've got an extra pair of hands to help. 

In this article, we provide a step by step guide on how you can set up your Kaizen Golf Cage, covering how to source the poles required, optional extras, as well as  beginning-to-end installation instructions. This article should be read together with our detailed installation guide that comes with the product. If you follow these instructions, you should be able to start hitting balls within an hour. 

Why BYO poles?

Before we get into the guide, let's address why we don't include poles in our Golf Cage Kit. The simple answer is that it's the most economical option for you - our customer. 

Although of course we are able to manufacture metal pipes for this product, they are very heavy and therefore are extremely costly to ship across Australia, they can be sourced much more cheaply locally, especially if you have a Bunnings Warehouse or a metal supplier in your area. So it made no sense for us to offer a product where we are charging you ridiculous dollars for shipping standard 1" metal poles to you. Instead we decided to offer a 'BYO poles' product where you get a superior quality product and the total cost is kept inline with the other products on the market.

So let's get to how you can source these poles and build your Kaizen Golf Cage!

What's in the box

Our golf cage kit comes with:

  • Cage Corner Kit - 1 1/4" Steel frame corners for constructing your frame, including 2 T-Joints for the cross-bar. The corners are designed to fit standard 1" metal poles and are attached to the poles using thumb screws.
  • Cage enclosure netting - using dense UV treated black #252 netting
  • Super Heavy Duty Archery Netting Impact Baffle - Heavy duty archery baffle is hung on a separate cross-bar. The material is extremely heavy duty, no matter what club you hit, the ball will hit the baffle and drop straight down. You will be impressed with this baffle!

Where to source your poles

You will need to buy 12 x 3m 1" (25cm) metal poles / galvanised pipes. They are readily available from your local metal store or your local bunnings (sold as 'Metal Mate 25.4 x 1.2 3m Galvanised Steel Round Tube'). 

From our research, these poles cost around $22 each at Bunnings, but if you don't have a local Bunning store, they are sold for around $27-$35 each at steel/metal suppliers. If you require delivery, Bunnings typically charges a $50 flat fee for ute delivery.

Also For Sydney based customers, the Metal Warehouse offers 26.9mm x 3.25m pipes for $15, cutting is an extra $7 per pipe. Or you can easily cut them yourself and pipe cutting tools are very cheap.

Bunnings Metal Poles

So 12 poles from Bunnings delivered to your door will set you back a total of $314. Adding the cost of the Kaizen Golf Cage kit, you will have change from $800. We would otherwise unfortunately have to charge a lot more if we were to include these poles in our product.

Optional Extras

Whilst you are at Bunnings, for even more safety, we also recommend purchasing some foam pipe insulation for additional protection. You will only need it for 6 of the sides maximum (cross-bar, bottom bar, and the 4 uprights).

They come in 1 metre lengths and are about $6 each. This will set you back a further $107. 

Even if you've already got a Golf Cage from another supplier and foam padding is not included, we also highly recommend wrapping your poles with this product, or even pool noodles will work too. Safety should always be your number 1 priority.

Golf cage - what to get from Bunnings

Installation Instructions

So you've now got BYO poles and your Kaizen Golf Cage Kit, let's get building!

In general, there are a couple of things to follow:

1. It's a 2 man job - it's much much easier with an extra pair of hands - we speak from experience.

2. Start with the top - build the top of the cage first then work your way down. See steps below.

3. Use detailed instructions included - they are a lot more detailed.

Below are step-by-step instructions -  

1. (Optional) Insulate the poles

If you've purchased foam insulation, then get your poles wrapped by inserting them through the foam insulation.

EMT poles wrapped up in insulation for golf cage enclosure

2. Install the Tee Bar

We are going to build the top of the cage first (i.e. the roof). 

Pick 2 poles that are not covered by insulation and insert them through the Tee Bars. Don't tighten the thumb screens yet - only do this once you've installed the cross bar.

This is probably the trickiest part of the install - everything becomes pretty easy from here.

Kaizen Golf Cage Tee Bars installation

3. Install the Top

Kaizen Golf Cage - top of cage

Complete the 'roof' of the cage by 

1. Installing the cross bar to the 2 T-bars - an insulated pole will be ideal. We recommend having the cross bar positioned at least 1 foot away from the back bar. Once the cross bar has been installed, you can tighten the T-bars.

2. Installing the front and back poles using 3-way corners.

4. Side Bars

We recommend installing 2 bars at a time - this is the step where a helper really comes in handy!

Use insulated poles for this step.

Kaizen Golf Cage installation instructions

Kaizen Golf Cage installation

Starting to look like a golf cage!

5. Bottom Bars

Install the bottom bars of the cage using 2-way corners at the front and 3-way corners at the back. Use an insulated pipe for the bottom back bar.

Your frame is now complete and you are now ready to hang the net.

Kaizen Golf Cage Frame

6. Install the enclosure netting

Hang the enclosure netting inside the frame, pay attention to coloured tabs on the netting. 

Red tabs indicate the front of the net.

Use toggles included to tighten the net to the frame. You can use additional bungee cords or cable ties to tighten it more and achieve a neater look if you wish.

Kaizen Golf Cage Netting

6. Hang the Archery Baffle

Hang the Archery Baffle to the cross-bar using included toggles. 

Kaizen Golf Cage - hang archery Baffle

Kaizen Golf Cage

And your Golf Cage is done! Time to hit some balls!

So this is how you install the Kaizen Golf Cage Kit, if you follow these instructions, it should take roughly an hour to put one together. 

Once it's up and running, you can look forward to hours and hours of working on your golf swing with complete safety.

And if you have a golf launch monitor, you can opt for an upgrade with our white archery baffle impact screen for an additional $50 (see photo below) or hang one of our impact screens and instantly turn this cage into a golf simulator enclosure!

Kaizen Golf Cage Golf Simulator enclosure

Wrapping Up

The Kaizen Golf Cage Kit is one of the highest quality products on the market. And if you bring your own poles, you can have this cage for roughly the same money as a standard golf cage (less than $800).

We hope that this article helps you to get an idea of how you can source the poles required and how to put it together. If are interested in this product and have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you have purchased one of these cages from us, we'd also love to hear how you got on with the installation as well as any other feedback! 

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I am finally able to construct the cage, but am mindful that there are two types of 3-way corners and it does not show this in the instructions. Also, it show a different baffle tee. Mine has one and not two hooks that run lengthways, also, the image shows these facing upward, but the images online do not seem to face up-wards. Have you got a set of instructions that reflects the items that have been supplied and, if possible, a morons guide of images to show where the different 3-way corners are located.

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