How much do golf practice nets cost in Australia? (2024)

To us, there's no question that having a Golf Practice Net set up is invaluable for improving your golf game

Kaizen Golf Net Australia guide

But as you start researching on what is the right golf net for your needs and budget, the options could get overwhelming. Not only are there many designs out there, prices for golf practice nets can also vary greatly, ranging from as low as $30 to well over $1000! 

In this article, we hope to give you a run down of the popular products available on the Australian (and New Zealand) market with a focus on how much they cost. We will also cover some of the key features of each product to help explain why they've been priced accordingly. 

We hope that you will be able to make a more informed buying decision as a result of reading this article. Although we do offer a wide range of options through our store, this article will not be an infomercial for our products, instead we will try to be as objective as possible and the information we will present below will be based on our testing and research. We've also written a golf practice net buying guide which also may help, feel free to check it out.

Given the wide range of products available for sale in Australia and New Zealand, we have categorised these nets in terms of design and style. Here's a summary below.

 Style Supplier Model

Price Guide







1m wide - 3m wide

2m - 3m wide

3m wide

3m wide

$29.99 - $62.99

$30- $40




Kogan / Ebay


Kaizen Golf



3m wide

3m Amazon Basics

3m wide

2m Lite

3m Pro


$90 - $150






Pop Up




Pop Up 3m

5 feet wide

7 feet wide

8 feet wide





Metal Framed


Global Golf Products

The Net Return

24/7 Golf

Kaizen Golf

3m x 3m 

3m x 2m 

2.1m x 2.1m - 3m x 3m

2.6m x 2.6m 

3.4m x 2.7m



$1095 - $3995



Golf Cages

PGM, Haverford, Global Golf Products and Country Club International 

Kaizen Golf

3m x 3m x 3m 

$550 - $750


For all the details regarding each type of net, please read on.

Tent Style Golf Nets 

Tent style golf practice net

This style of Golf Nets borrow their design principles from the beach tent and commonly have the following features:

  • Are commonly sold in 2m and 3m wide models
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Oxford Cloth netting around the frame
  • Usually has a target sheet
  • Easy to set up and take down and usually comes with a carry case
  • Cage design which does offer some protection for stray shots

These golf nets are usually made with low end materials and therefore are not the most durable, some common issues with these nets are

  • Netting material are made using lower quality polyester and therefore will require you to use the target sheet
  • Target sheet is made using polyester and are usually extremely loud
  • Target sheet attachments are prone to snapping off (talking from experience
  • When used outdoors, due to the fact it's very light and the target sheet can act like a sail, so it will need to be weighed down or be pegged down. 

Given the relatively simple design and lower quality material used, this style of golf nets are definitely the most budget friendly -  you could pick one up brand new for as low as $30. They are great if you just want to have the occasional hit, especially if you are ok with hitting foam balls. Here are some examples of what's currently on the Australian market:

  • Kogan currently has1, 2 and 3m wide models for $29.99, $55 and $62.99 respectively with free shipping.
  • Ebay is another place where you can pick up a 2m wide net for $30, expect to pay around $40 for a 3m wide model. 
  • Decathlon currently has a 3m wide tent style net available for $129, it offers some additional features such as extended side barriers. Upon going through customer reviews on the product, it does appear that the set up does take some getting use to, also there does seem to be a theme where the stitching on the netting material gives way after some use.
  • At the more expensive end of the market, Rukket offers a 3m wide tent style net for $299.95. However they stress the fact that the net is to be used with foam balls and not real balls and are primary target for kids 12 years and under or adults with slower swing speeds. 

Portable Golf Nets 

Kaizen Golf | Large Golf Practice Net

This style of net is in general a step up from the tent style golf nets and commonly have these features

  • Commonly comes in 2-3m wide and 2-3m tall models
  • Frame consists of a metal base and fiberglass poles 
  • Use stronger polyester/nylon netting material compared to the tent style net
  • Some come with a target sheet for added protection and to help with alignment
  • Easy to set up and take down and usually comes with a carry case
  • Given the better materials used and it's design, it's a lot more sturdy than the tent style net

Somethings to consider when purchasing this type of golf net

  • Some no-brand offerings may use lower grade materials and are therefore less durable
  • The target sheets offered are usually very loud and may not last

In general this style of golf nets offer an upgrade from the tent style design in terms of quality and durability, and you can expect to pay between ~$100 to ~$350 in Australia for this type of product. Here are some popular offerings currently on the market:

  • You can find a number of 3m nets on Ebay and Kogan at the ~$90 - $150 range. Although quality of the product through those market places could be somewhat inconsistent - read our review of a net purchased from Ebay here.
  • Amazon Australia currently offers a 3m net under their 'AmazonBasics' brand for $89.35. Interestingly they are selling their 2m nets for $121.29. This product currently has 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon from over 240 ratings and was rated 'Best Value' by the guys at MyGolfSpy in 2020 and 2021 so there's a bit of credibility there. 
  • *PLUG WARNING* We offer a similar product at Kaizen Golf for $159, please refer to our product page for more information.
  • In terms of more well known brands, Rukket has a number of models ranging from a 2m net at $299.95, with their 3m net coming in at $359.95  which does come with a portable golf mat. They also have a range topping 3m wide model which comes with extended side barriers for $499.95. It's important to note that Rukket offers a 6 month guarantee for their netting under their 'fair play guarantee scheme' which gives a peace of mind. We also offer similar guarantee for our nets at Kaizen Golf.  

Pop-up Golf Nets 

These style of golf nets are designed based on pop up tents. If you've ever used a pop up tent you will know exactly what I mean. These nets require almost no set up time, take it out of the carry bag and it will 'explode' into a golf net. To take it down does require some getting use to though, you have to bend and twist the frame in a special way to get it to shrink into a much smaller version of itself.

There are 2 popular offerings in the Australian market for this style of golf nets:

  • The Rukket Pop Up Golf Net which retails at $399.95 is 3m wide at the base and 2m tall in the middle. It also comes with a bonus portable mat as well as some targets for chipping. 

Rukket pop up golf net

  • Voted Best Golf Net in 2021 by MyGolfSpy, the Spornia net is another popular model on the market. It is one of the few products on the market which features a muted target sheet as well as a roof which can help to catch lofted wedge shots. Prices start from $360 for the 5 feet by 5 feet (1.65m) net, with their full size 7 feet by 7 feet (2m) net priced at $500. The range topping 8 feet model comings in at over $800. A 1.65m wide net is maybe a bit on the small side in our opinion. 

Pop up golf net


Metal Framed Golf Nets

Now we move onto Golf Nets which are less portable. Those are nets which come with full metal frames, which make them:

  • Super steady and durable 
  • Potentially larger than portable nets as they are not designed to be taken down and folded into carry bags (not that they can't be)

These are suited for golfers who have the space and want a permanent (or semi permanent) practice area in their indoor or outdoor space. The obvious flip sides with these type of nets are that they do take a bit of space and because of the materials used, they can be quite expensive.

Good options in this categories include:

  • Haverford offer a simple design for $204, which consists of their 3m x 3m high quality net supported by 2 metals pols which can be fixed to both turf or hard floors.

Haverford Golf Net

  • Global Golf Products also offer a similar 3m x 2m product for $290.
  • In terms of more premium offerings, The Net Return have the Rolls Royce of the Golf Net and they make a very high quality product. Prices start at $1095 for a 2.1m x. 2.1m home-series net with their 3m x 3m large net priced at $3995. A number of accessories include a roof and side barriers can also be purchased separately. For added peace of mind, the manufacturers also offer a 250,000 shot guarantee  for their pro-series nets and those pro-series nets have been tested for 225 mph ball speeds.  The Net return golf nets
  • For a more cost effective alternative, 24/7 Golf has a net with similar design to the net return product. Their 2.6m x 2.6m net is priced at $699. Side barriers can be purchased as an accessory. According to their website, their netting material is rated at 230 mph ball speed.

247 Golf Net

  • The flagship golf net here at Kaizen Golf is our Full Swing Golf Net. Selling at the $500 mark, it features a super sturdy frame as well as generous proportions to catch all your errand shots. A main feature of the net is the addition of an archery baffle which is not only indestructible, but is able to be projected on when you are in the mood for some simulator golf.

Golf Cages

Kaizen Golf Cage Kit

When you have the space and want the ultimate protection, a golf cage is another option. 

Golf cages are usually 3m x 3m x 3m in dimension and are often found in golf clubs. These are for permanent set ups only as installation and take down will take up to several hours. 

These golf cages can also be easily converted into a golf simulator enclosure and many of our customers have been very successful in doing this.

Golf cages are sometime sold as full kits including corners connectors, poles, netting and baffle, but are also sometimes sold without poles to save cost on shipping. A good quality Golf Cage is our Kaizen Golf Cage Kit, as seen in the photo above. The metal poles can be easily purchased from Bunnings separately.

Full cage sets will set you back between $550 - $750 from vendors such as PGM, Haverford, Global Golf Products and Country Club International (excl. GST). We would recommend going for options which have foam tubing around the poles for added protection against stray shots.

Also be aware that given the bulk nature of the golf cage, there will also be a significant shipping costs too.

You can also pick up just a Golf Corner Kit which only has the corner connectors required for $95 from Global Golf Products

Other Options

If the options mentioned above don't meet your requirements, there are a couple of other options for you:

Kaizen Golf DIY golf net

  • On the extreme opposite side of the budget spectrum, you can also go for a golf simulator enclosure. This set up would suit someone who either already has a launch monitor or plans to play some simulated golf down the track. 

Components can be sourced separately for the budget conscious and if you want to get everything from a supplier, prices for full enclosures from specialist suppliers start north of $2000 in Australia.

Golf simulator enclosure

Final Thoughts

So here's a summary of a wide range of Golf Practice Net options on the Australian (and New Zealand) market and what you would expect to pay for them in 2024. I hope that if you are on the market for a golf net, this article has been helpful in your research process.

One last thing to mention, we do recommend getting a good golf mat to go with your golf net. A quality golf mat will give you a more realistic feel when striking the ball, and more importantly, reduce the risk of injury. At Kaizen Golf, we offer a range of premium quality golf mats, you can check them out here. We also offer a 10% discount on any golf net product if you purchase it together with a golf mat.

If you have any questions regarding this article or if there's anything we can further assist with, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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