How much do golf mats cost in Australia? (2022)

The Golf Mat is one of the most critical parts of any 'golf at home' set up. It is also arguably the most important part to get right as it could mean the difference between slashing that handicap or a debilitating "golfer's elbow". 

From our own experiences, we believe that anyone who is hitting the ball off 'el cheapo' thin and poor quality mats is playing Russian roulette with their joints. 

So how much do decent golf mats cost in Australia? 

The answer is of course - it depends. Cost of golf mats can vary greatly depending on size, materials used as well as added features. Prices can range from less than $100 for a good quality portable mat to a sophisticated hitting system for several thousand dollars.  

In this article, we break down the popular types of mats available on the Australian market into key categories and how much you would expect to pay for them. We hope this will explain the costs of golf mats and help you in buying the right golf mat for your budget. 

For a quick summary of these mats currently for sale in Australia and their costs, they are listed in the table below.

Note all prices mentioned below are accurate as at the time of publishing this article.

 Category Model Price Range
Portable Golf Mats

Single Surface

Tri-turf / Folding


 Acustrike Mat

Fiberbuilt Flight Deck

True Strike Portable Mat

$50 - $100

Rukket - $99

Kaizen - $79

 $99.95 - 139.95

~$100 (Amazon AU)


Full Size Mats

(see our range here)

2 Layer Mat

3 Layer Mat (3D)

Tee Turf 

Fiberbuilt Mat

Truestrike Mat

$300 - $400

$400 - $500

$400 - $600

$$$$$ (from US)

$1249 - $2299

Mat Inserts


Kaizen Golf Hitting Strip

$120 - $150 USD 

$149 - $189

Portable Golf Mats

As the name suggests, these are the type of mats you can easily pick up and move around with one hand. They are smaller and lighter than full size hitting mats and would suit people who don't want to have a permanent set up or someone who is on the go a lot and wants to take their practice with them. I've taken my portable set up (see below) on a number of trips and they work great! 

Kaizen Golf | Home driving range

Some limitations with this style of mats include

  • You will have a slight 'ball above feet' lie as you are not standing level with the mat. You will also need a stance mat if you want a perfectly level lie.
  • Given the fact they are quite light, they do tend to move a little when they get hit. You can try and stick/Velcro them down but given that they are so light, you can just move them back into place.
  • They tend to be on the thinner side.

Given that less material goes into making these mats, these mats tend to be at the entry level in terms of cost. Here are some popular products that are available in Australia:

  • Single surface mats - as the name suggests, it's basically a smaller (and most of the time - thinner) version of a golf mat with a rubber or foam base and a hitting surface on top. These products usually cost between $50 - $100 and popular models include the Callaway Launch zone and the SKLZ Launch Pad.
  • Foldable / multi-surface mats - another model that has been gaining popularity is the tri-turf mat. Essentially it offers 3 hitting surfaces and can be folded to make it ultra portable. Rukket Sports offers this type of mat for around $99, and we offer our very high quality Kaizen Tri-Turf Mat at $89
Kaizen Golf Tri-turf portable mat
  • Acustrike mats - these are portable mats which has a velvety surface on top and provide feedback on the quality of your ball striking. These retail in Australia between $99.95 - $139.95.If you are interested in our detailed review of this product, the link is here. There are cheaper copies of this design as well, but we've not had a chance to test those.

Acustrike golf mat

  • Fiberbuilt flight deck - the Fiberbuilt product range are great quality products which enjoy a strong cult following in the home golf simulator community. They offer an entry level portable product called the 'flight deck'. You may need to shop around for this product as they might be hard to find. Amazon Australia has these mats available for ~$100 from time to time. We actually brought a unit from the US to test out, you can read our review here.

Fiberbuilt golf mat flight deck

  • Truestrike portable mat - the Trustrike range claims to deliver the closest simulation to real turf/divot taking with their propriety gel insert design. They offer a portable product, which you can buy for $679 locally in Australia. 

True strike golf mat

What about options from Ebay? From our experience and research, although portable mats from Ebay can look like a bargain, they can be very thin and tend to be copies of superior quality products so our advice here is buy at your own risk and it is not recommended. For example, there are a number of 'tri-turf' mats selling for ~$30, upon closer inspection, its very easy to spot that most of them use lower quality turf material and some of the mats don't even fold up. 

Due to the risk of potential injuries, the golf mat is one piece of equipment that we definitely suggest getting from a more reputable store. 

Full Size Large Golf Mats

These are the products that you would typically associate with driving range mats. They are square or rectangular mats which will allow you to stand and hit off the same surface comfortably even with the driver. There are a number of types of full size mats available on the market.

  • 2 Layer Mats - these are the typical driving range mat designs, with artificial turf glued on top of a foam/rubber base. Price ranges between $300 - $400 for a mat which offers high quality turf and a base with good thickness. We also offer the high quality 1.5m x 1.5m Kaizen Premium Large Mat (below) for $309.
Kaizen Golf Premium Mat
  • 3 Layer Mats - the 3 layer mat design adds a shock absorption layer between the turf and the rubber base. It offers additional protection for your joints, especially if you tend to take a big divot. The shock absorption layer also adds more structure and sturdiness to the mat. You can expect to pay between $400 - $500 for this type of mat. Our Kaizen 3 Layer Mat comes in at $409 (pic below).

  • Tee Turf Mats - this type of mats use long curly fibres in their turf construction which allows you to hit down and through the turf much like a real fairway. In addition, this design will also allow you to insert your own tee instead of using a rubber tee that we've become accustom to. We have a Tee Turf Mat available for $429, and in Australian they can cost up to $600. Another popular brand for this type of design is the Country Club Elite mat (CCE), however availability in Australia is extremely scarce and you may have to import them directly from the US and you would be potentially looking at almost ~$1k for this option.
Kaizen Golf Tee Turf Mat
  • Truestrike Mats - coming into the upper end of the market, the Truestrike Mats with their gel inserts can cost between $1249 - $2299 for a full mat set up depending on the size and number of inserts. These would be great for commercial simulator set ups. 

Truestrike Golf Mat

  • Fiberbuilt Mats - apart from their flight deck portable mats, Fiberbuilt also offer a number of full mat options. However they are not very available in Australia and will set you back several thousand dollars if you want to buy directly from the US.

Hitting Mat Inserts

Don't want to spend several hundred dollars on a golf mat but still want the same quality? You can achieve this by purchasing Mat Inserts.

Mat Inserts are smaller sections of a high quality golf mat which then you can insert into a stance mat or a pre-cut space in your flooring. 

This option will be more economical than purchasing a full size mat however you may need to fashion your own stance mat/flooring. Photo below is a 60cm x 30cm tee turf inserted into our portable putting green.

Tee Turf golf mat insert

Most brands offer a "hitting strip" version of their larger products including Country Club Elite (CCE), Truestrike and Fiberbuilt - though you may still need to buy these directly from the US.

There are also brands which make mat inserts as their core product. One of which is the DivotAction Mat, which uses a lexan sheet propped up by rubber feet below the hitting surface to simulate the feel of of taking a divot and to reduce turf shock on your joints. Again these mats are not available in Australia unless you buy directly from the US. Their inserts cost around $120 - $150 USD + shipping. We also offer a Divot style mat - please feel free to check our our Kaizen Golf Hitting Strip

You could try and build your own Divot Action type mat as well for a fraction of the cost- have a read of our article here for some inspiration. 

Divot Action Golf Mat

What About DIY?

You can try and make a DIY mat using rubber/foam mats (gym mats, playground mats etc) with some artificial turf stuck to the top of it. But more often than not these DIY jobs will not save you significant amount of money and will wear out much faster than a high quality purpose built golf mat. 

But the most important thing to remember is to have enough thickness on the base if you do want to go down this route. 

Final Thoughts

So here's a summary of a wide range of Golf Mat options on the Australian market and what you would expect to pay for them in 2022. I hope that if you are on the market for a golf mat, this article has been helpful in your research process.

Also if you want more details on key features of popular golf mats on the market - read our golf mat buying guide here.

Finally, if you have any questions regarding this article or if there's anything we can further assist with, please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you!

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