Impact Screen Compare | Archery Baffle vs. Premium Impact Screen - what's the right product for your needs?

Are you on the market for a golf impact screen? 

Kaizen Golf | Impact Screen

At Kaizen Golf, we offer 2 excellent options - the Archery Baffle Impact Screen and the Premium Impact Screen. Both are high quality products and represent really good value for your hard earned dollars.

In this article, we compare the 2 products in detail to help you determine which product is the right one for your particular needs. 

Although we are using our products as examples, general principles in this article also apply to comparable products. 

If you are looking for detailed reviews of each product, feel free to check out our detailed review articles below. 

The Quick Summary

We will provide a lot more detail below, but if you are looking for a quick compare, the table below highlight the main differences between the 2 products across a number of key features and considerations.

 Feature Archery Baffle Screen Premium Impact Screen
Size 3m x 3m standard, customisation available 

3m x 3m standard, customisation available 

Durability & Strength Stops arrows - need we say more?

Thoroughly tested for strength and durability.

Will have some wear marks from long term use - similar to other top end products.

Ease of Hanging Eyelets on all sides, will require more fastening on sides for a flatter look. Eyelets on top and bottom, hangs straighter/flatter than Archery Baffle.
Noise Super quiet Not as quiet but more than compliant
Projector Picture Quality Some light bleeding due to larger mesh size. Minimal light bleeding and pure white background colour.
Price Just over $200 Mid $300
Versatility Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use Can also be used outdoors. Home cinema use. 


Essentially, the Archery Baffle Screen is strong, quiet and a very versatile product which also has an entry level price tag. However if your top priority is projector image quality, our Premium Impact Screen is a really good and affordable option for you.

Detailed Compare

Durability & Strength

Both products were thoroughly long-term tested with every club in the bag and have have passed with flying colours.

The archery baffle in comparison offers a bit more strength (compared to pretty much all golf impact screens) as it was made to stop arrows. 

With the right care, you will also get plenty of mileage out of the premium screen, though you will see some wear patterns with long term use - photo below. This is consistent with findings from the team at MyGolfSpy on the industry leading product costing a lot more - see their article here

Golf impact screen wear

Ease of Hanging

Without tensioning the sides, the premium screen hangs straighter and presents a flatter surface to be projected on. However, with a bit of tensioning on the sides, you can also get a pretty flat surface with the archery baffle screen - see below. 

Noise Control

As far as golf impact screens go, the Archery Baffle is as quiet as they come - even when you compare it to products many times its price. All you will hear is a dull thud when the ball hits. 

Whilst marginally louder than the archery baffle screen, the Premium Screen still does a good jop in keeping the noise level down. We have this product in our garage set up and have no issues with the noise. 

Picture Quality

Although the Archery Baffle was not originally conceived with a projector or sim golf in mind, it actually delivers decent image quality. There will be some light bleeding through given the larger mesh size, however you can reduce this by placing a blanket/sheet directly behind it - see what it looks like below.

Archery Baffle Golf Impact Screen 

On the other hand, with it's finer weave pattern and pure white colour, the Premium Screen takes picture quality to the next level. See image below to get a feel for what it looks like in full light with a standard definition projector. You will of course get far superior picture quality with a HD projector in a more light-controlled environment.

Kaizen Golf Impact Screen - full light


Given the Archery Screen was designed for outdoor archery range use, if you don't have the space indoors or you prefer to hit balls outside, you can hang it outside and use it just as a baffle net. It's ideal for 3m x 3m golf cages and will provide much better durability than just standard golf netting.  

The Premium Screen can also be used outside, however we don't recommend it as dirt will show up pretty easily on the pure white screen. However in terms of versatility, given it's projection picture quality, it's great for the occasional family movie night when you are not hitting balls! 

Summing Up

So what type of golfers would each product suit? 

If you are looking for a high quality all-rounder screen at a 'no frills' price point, the Archery Screen deserve some serious consideration.

If you are looking for an upgrade in picture quality as you have a high end projector and want a more immersive sim golf experience, then we recommend  the Premium Impact Screen as a very cost effective option. 

We hope that this article has been informative in helping you determine what the right product is for you. We honestly believe that both products represent  exceptional value in the Australian market. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our range of golf impact screens or if you have custom sizing requirements. 

Finally, Phil from 'Hyrbridme' has also done an excellent in depth comparison between a archery baffle vs. a premium golf impact screen. We recommend you checking his video out as well! 


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