Product Compare | Kaizen Golf 3m Large Portable Net vs. Full Swing Golf Net

Kaizen Golf Australia 3M Portable Golf Practice Net vs. Full Swing golf Net

If you are planning a Golf From Home set up, one of the key pieces of the puzzle is what you are going to hit balls into.

By far the most common solution to this comes in the form of a golf practice net.

In this article, we will do a detailed head to head compare of our two most popular golf practice nets, the 3m Large Portable Golf Practice Net and our flagship Full Swing Golf Practice Net. We will compare the two products against a number of key considerations such as Space Requirements, Strength and Durability, Portability as well as how compatible they are with Launch Monitors. We hope this will help you in making an informed decision on which style of golf practice net is the most suitable for your needs.

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Ok let's get on with the compare. 

Strength & Durability

Given a golf net's primary job is to stop a golf ball travelling at over 100mph, let's have a look at how both nets fare in the 'strength and durability' department.

In terms of strength, we have chosen to use Nylon netting material with a small mesh size for the 3M Portable Golf Net. It is much stronger than most polyester based nets that you would commonly see on the market. So unless you are a long drive competitor, you can confidently wield your driver at the net. We have tested this net extensively before we were confident with the strength of this product.

Kaizen Golf Australia Larger Portable Golf Net Netting

The Full Swing Golf Net takes the word strength to the next level with it's Archery Baffle. Swing as far as you want, and do it again and again...

Kaizen Golf Full Swing Net Archery Baffle

When it comes to durability, with the right care, the average backyard golfer can easily get a few good years of life out of the 3M Portable Golf Net, however the Nylon material will eventually lose strength and fray (do you know Rukket nets also only come with a 6 month guarantee?). 

Also did you know that the number one killer of golf nets is not ball speed, it's actually the friction caused by high spinning shots. So any golf net regardless of brand will fray faster if a lot of wedge and short irons are being hit into it. The monster drive is sometimes just the straw that breaks the camel's back (or the net).

Top Tip: you can significantly extend the life of the net by pairing it with a canvas target sheet.

Given the thickness of the Archery Baffle and the type of polyester material it's made out of, the Full Swing Net is much more durable. It is also a lot more resistant to friction from high spinning shots.

WINNER - Kaizen Golf Full Swing Net 

Safety / Protection

At 3 metres wide, the Portable Golf Net is wide enough to catch pretty much all of our hooks, blocks and even hosel rockets. In the interest of thorough product testing *cough* we did hit quite a few out of the hosel and we are happy to report that they were all caught by the net.

At 2m tall, whilst this is ample for most clubs in your bag, however if you are not standing close enough to the net, the odd lofted wedge shot may overshoot the net. Unfortunately that's just physics. 

At 9 feet and with a inclining 'roof', on the other hand, it would take a pretty impressive shot to overshoot the Full Swing Net, say from 8 feet away. 

Also at 3.4m wide, the Full Swing Golf Net also offers plenty of protection for offline shots. 

Kaizen Golf Australia Full Swing Golf Practice Net

WINNER - Kaizen Golf Full Swing Net 

Top Tip: Check out our article on how big a golf net should be for your needs to get a feel for what the right sized golf net you should be getting.

Space Requirements

For those who are looking to have an indoor set up in your garage or spare room or have limited space outdoors, the 3M Portable Golf Net has a lot more compact dimensions both in terms of width, depth and height. You can fit it in a single car garage which are typically ~3.4m wide and ~2.3m high.

The Full Swing Golf Net on the other hand, will unfortunately struggle to fit within the typical suburban garage, given it's "generous" dimensions. So most of our customers set it up in their backyards or large sheds. 

WINNER - Kaizen 3M Large Portable Golf Net

Portability / Ease of Assembly

For customers who don't have the space for a permanent set up or want to occasionally move their outdoor setups indoors (or vice versa) due to weather etc, portability becomes a key factor.

Portability is also very important if you travel a lot but still want to set up a practice area when you are away from home.

In terms of portability, the 3M Portable Net wins hands down, the name kind of gives it away...

It takes no more than 5 minutes to put up and pack away, and all the parts fit neatly into a carry bag for easy transportation. We've personally taken the net on many trips so that we can keep our swing sharp whilst being away. Pair it with one of our portable mats and you've got yourself a mobile driving range! (pictured below)

Kaizen Golf Australia Portable Golf Practice Net

Kaizen Golf Australia Portable Large Golf Practice Net

On the other hand, our Full Swing Golf Net isn't really built with Portability in mind. Although you can take it down and put it up within 30min, given that it weighs almost 30kgs, it isn't very portable. However where it loses on portability, it wins in being extremely solid! 

WINNER - Kaizen 3M Large Portable Golf Net

Compatibility with Launch Monitor Use

With the popularity of personal launch monitors (PLMs) given the improved performance, accuracy and affordability, more and more golfers are using a launch monitor as part of their home set ups. 

Launch monitors can definitely help to make your practice more productive by providing valuable feedback on your shots. You can also have a ton of fun by playing simulated golf at your favourite course anywhere in the world.

If you are just working on your full swing, then both nets are more than ample.

However, if you are looking to dial in your distances with your scoring clubs from 100m and in, the additional height of the Full Swing Net will really come in handy. Especially if you are using a radar based unit which requires you to be around 8 feet away from the net. Also if your launch monitor offers simulation play, then being able to hit wedges and short irons becomes really important.

The Full Swing net also has a party trick up its sleeve - you can actually point a projector at it and get a pretty decent image with the archery baffle screen. So you can get a much more immersive simulator golf experience without having to get an enclosure or an impact screen. 

Kaizen Golf Australia full swing golf practice net with projector and golf simulator

WINNER - Kaizen Golf Full Swing Net 


Our Full Swing Golf Net is currently offered at $499 + shipping.

The Large Portable Net is a lot more affordable at $159 with free shipping Australia wide.

However given that the 2 golf practice nets are very different products, this isn't really a apples vs apples compare. One of our goals at Kaizen Golf is to offer high quality products at different but fair price points for our customers. 

WINNER - Kaizen 3M Large Portable Golf Net on price alone, but you do get a lot of more golf net with the Full Swing Net.

Summing Up

At Kaizen Golf, we want to help all Aussie golfers in being able to work on their golf game from the comfort and convenience of their own homes with high quality products. We believe our golf practice net line up consisting of the 3M Portable Net and our Full Swing Golf Net will cater to different needs and budgets.

The Kaizen 3M Portable Golf Net would be a good option if you:

  • Have limited space or don't have the space for a permanent setup
  • Want something that you can move indoor/outdoors quickly
  • Want something to take with you to different places
  • Just want to work on your swing mechanics/technique - i.e. don't hit a lot of wedge shots etc
  • Are not ready to commit a lot of cash on a setup and just want to get something at a lower price point to test things out

Whereas we recommend the Kaizen Golf Full Swing Net for those who:

  • Are committed to a more permanent setup, or want to upgrade to a more permanent setup
  • Want to hit wedge shots either as part of your practice or simulator golf play, especially if you have a radar based unit
  • Want something more durable, longer lasting and offers more protection long term

Hope this article has been helpful in providing you with information about how the 2 different product offerings differ across a number of factors so you can make an informed decision if you are on the market for a golf net.  

Kaizen Golf Australia Golf Practice Net

If you have any questions regarding our Golf Practice Nets as well as any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you! 

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