Product Review : In depth look at the Kaizen Golf Hitting Net

'Can I hit a real golf ball into the net?'

'How long does it take to set up"?

These are some of the most frequent enquiries we get from our customers on the Kaizen Golf Hitting Net

I will look to answer some of these questions in this article as well as provide some practical tips on how to make the most out of your Kaizen Golf Net. 

In terms of features covered in this post, I will use the key features as outlined by the boys from MyGolfSpy in their 'Best Golf Nets for 2020 article (link below)", which are - ease of use, size, durability and stability. 


Let's address the most frequently asked question first - yes our net can be used with a real golf ball. 

The netting is made from 700D nylon with a small 2.2cm mesh size (see below) - which translates to 'super durable'.

Nylon golf net with small mesh size 

Side note on Nylon - typically there are 2 types of materials that are used for golf netting, Nylon and HDPE

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) (you may also commonly hear people refer to this material as poly or polyester) is a plastic based material and has the following characteristics
    • Cheaper and more lightweight
    • Good UV resistance due to natural black colour and is typically UV treated
    • Does not absorb water as it's essentially plastic
    • Not as strong as Nylon in terms of break strength 
  • Nylon (what we use) 
    • More expensive material
    • UV resistant through treatment with black dye 
    • Much higher break strength - i.e. much stronger than HDPE
    • More resistant to abrasions - i.e. better for spinning wedge shots
    • However, Nylon can absorb water if exposed to very rainy climate, without a chance to dry in the sun in between use, this does cause the material to lose strength over time.

Most golf nets in the same cost point tend to have HDPE netting material for cost reasons, however we have decided to go with a Nylon netting because we want to provide a quality product to our customers. 

If you intend to use it outdoors, we do recommend packing the net up and keeping it dry during long periods of rain to get the longest timespan out of your net.

Prior to launching the product, I tested the durability of the net by hitting about 100 drives into the net every second day for about 3 months. The net is still standing in my backyard and being exposed to the elements everyday but it looks as good as new and still has plenty of life left. My swing speed with the driver is around 100-105mph with a ball speed of around 130-140mph, both speeds were measured by the PRGR radar launch monitor which is very accurate. 

Below is a video of me hitting a few drivers into the net with real balls.

I plan to do some testing with golfer's who have higher swing and ball speeds - watch this space...

Pro tips:

1. Contrary to common belief, high spinning wedge shots is the real culprit for the wear in your golf net. Consider using a scuff-free ball to get more life out of your golf net. 

2. We highly recommend adding a canvas target sheet to the net which will further extend the life of the net. It will also give you something to aim at for your net sessions. 

Kaizen Golf | Accessories

3. If you are uncomfortable with hitting a real ball into the net, especially when you are in a indoor setting, consider starting off with a foam ball. 

Ease of Use

If you need to constantly put up and take down the net, you want the process to be quick and painless, so you can get on with your practice, especially if you've only got 30min to squeeze in a quick session. 

Although our net is not as easy as some of the 'pop up' style nets which can be set up in seconds, you can easily set up the Kaizen Golf net in 2 minutes. 

Pro tip: The carry bag also makes it ultra portable and you can take it from the backyard to the garage or to the park with ease. 

See our video below on how easy it is to set up.



Bigger may not always be better, especially if you are trying to set the net up in a more confined space like a garage or a spare room. 

At 3m (10 ft) wide and 2m (7 ft) tall, the Kaizen Net is small enough to fit into most single garages and large enough to catch your errand shots. 

Pro tip:

For indoor set ups, don't place the net right up against the wall, allow some space (couple of feet) between the netting and the wall. 


The frame of the Kaizen Hitting Net is super sturdy and the net stays in place hit after hit. When it gets very windy outside, you can use the tent pegs supplied to secure the net to the ground. 

Pro tip: 

Set the net up on a relatively level surface for added stability. 

Accessorise your Kaizen Golf Net with household items

  • Pool noodles - wrap 2x1.5m pool noodles ($2 each at Bunnings and Kmart) around the back bar and you will never have to worry about those worm burners!
  • Bungee cords - indoor set up? Synthetic turf? You can still pin the back corners of the netting to the back bar for a tidier look with bungee cords. You can achieve the same things with cable tiers etc but bungee cords are by far the easiest if you need to frequently take the net down.
  • Bed sheet/used blanket - place a old bedsheet or blanket behind the net to help absorb some impact and you will get more life out of your net.
Accessorise your Kaizen Golf hitting net

    At $159, our 3m Kaizen Golf Net represents great value for money and I think the MGS boys agree with us! Add on a portable golf mat and get 10% off the price of the net as part of our Net & Mat Deal, and you will have a home practice range for just over $200.

    If you have any questions regarding our net as well as any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us

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