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Kaizen Golf Heavy Duty Golf Netting - An In-depth Review

Kaizen Golf Heavy Duty Netting

Whether you are looking to set up an economical DIY golf net in your backyard or your garage, or if you are looking to improve the safety of our top-end home golf simulator enclosure...and everything in between, a high quality golf netting product will come in very handy. 

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of our 3m x 3m Heavy Duty Golf Netting product and will cover its main features as well as our recommendations on how you get the most out of the product. We hope that this information will help you make an informed buying decision if you are looking at purchasing some golf netting. 

Construction & Main Features

Let's start with materials and construction of the Kaizen golf netting.

If you've bought our products before, then you would know that we target the highest quality product whilst making it affordable to our customers. This product is no different. Our Heavy Duty golf netting has features that make it a class leading product:

  • Thick Nylon Material - constructed from 2.5mm 72 ply Nylon material, which makes it one of the strongest products on the market. Nylon is widely recognised as one of the preferred materials when it comes to netting construction, especially where high strength is required. 
  • Fine Mesh Size - the netting has a very fine 15mm mesh size. You can put it next to pretty much every product on the market and you will be impressed. Of course the finer the mesh, the stronger and more durable the netting is.
Kaizen Golf Heavy Duty Netting
  • Square Mesh Design - a square mesh design makes the netting easier to hang compared to a diamond mesh design which you would commonly see on the market.
  • Rope Border the netting also comes with a thick rope border which not only gives it more structural integrity, it makes hanging the net much easier too.

Kaizen Golf Heavy Duty Golf Netting

Now we've briefly covered how the net is constructed, let's go through some key considerations when it comes to buying and using this product.

Strength and Durability

With it's thick Nylon construction and fine mesh design, our golf netting will take a beating...and keep taking a beating for a long time. We have also validated this through our own testing, we have hit thousands of balls into our prototype for a number of months before we were happy with offering it to our customers. 

Noise Level

One of the advantages of hitting into a golf net is that it's dead silent when the golf ball impacts with the net. So if you are only able to work on your golf game when the rest of the family is a sleep, or if you don't want disturb your neighbours, then going with a netting product may be preferrable over an impact screen. You can even put some netting in front of our impact screen when you need to keep the noise to a minimum. 

Ease of Install

With a thick rope border on all 4 sides, hanging the net is a breeze. All you need is a supporting frame/structure and you are good to go.

You can hang the net directly using some hooks, or if you have a frame, you can either use cable ties or bungee cords to attach the net to your frame. We recommend using bungees as it will make things easier if you need to detach the net from time to time.

With the square mesh construction, the net hangs pretty well by itself, but you can add a bit more tension and stretch by using more bungees around the sides and bottom.  

Below are some photos of how we've hung one of our nets on a 3m x 3m golf cage as an impact baffle.

Kaizen Golf Heavy Duty Golf Netting on Golf Cage

Kaizen Golf Heavy Duty Golf Netting on Golf Cage


One of the great things about a Heavy Duty Golf Netting product is how versatile it is. Given it's strength, it can be used as a primary impact baffle net as well as provide support and extra safety if you are using an golf impact screen. Here are some common uses of the product.

DIY Golf Net / Cage

DIY Golf Net with Heavy Duty Golf Netting

If you are looking to build a DIY golf net, having a good golf netting product is essential. You want something that is strong and easy to hang. 

If you are looking for ideas on how to build a DIY golf net, then be sure to check out our article here, where we go through really simple designs involving a couple of PVC pipes as well as full golf cage set ups.

Impact Baffle for a Golf Cage

Kaizen Golf Heavy Duty Golf Netting in Golf Cage

High quality golf cages like our Kaizen Golf Cage will have a cross-bar which allows you to hang an impact baffle in front of the back netting that encloses the cage. This is because that the strength of the cage netting is often not as strong as a bespoke heavy duty netting product - not all sides of the cage will need to handle constant beating from a golf ball, this makes it essential to have an impact baffle. Not only does this improve the durability of the golf cage, it also offers protection against you accidentally hitting the bottom bar as well as the side bars.

At 3m x 3m, our Golf Netting is designed to fit any 3m x 3m Golf Cage as a Impact Baffle. 

Top/side Protection

If you already have a golf net or a golf enclosure set up. Some additional netting will ensure that in the case of skied drives and hosel rockets, damage and pain is limited to just your pride. See photo below where golf netting is being used as a "shank net".

Kaizen Golf Side Nets

Support for Golf Impact Screen

Another really common use of golf netting is to provide additional support for golf impact screens. Having a net behind the screen will help to absorb the impact from a golf ball. which will in turn improve the longevity of your impact screen.

If you have a tight space, and there's not a huge gap between your screen and the wall behind it, having a net behind the screen will help to "catch" the ball quicker.


Our Heavy Duty Golf Netting is sold at $99, which we believe is a fair price point for the quality of the product. You will receive a further 10% off if you order a golf mat at the same time. This means that we can offer our customers a net & mat package for less than $170. 

This is exactly the reason that we set up Kaizen Golf - to make sure that every keen golfer can work on their golf game irrespective of how much spare time they have or how deep their pockets are.

Pro Tip: Every golf net will eventually fray, but you can maximise the milage of your golf net by following some simple tips. Be sure to check out our blog article on how you can extend the life of your golf net.

Final Thoughts 

We are really excited to bring the Heavy Duty Golf Netting to our line up of products. Not only is it very high in quality, it is also extremely versatile and can be used in a number of applications. We believe this product will not only make high end golf simulator enclosures safer and more durable, it will also make having a simple golf practice set up more affordable for our fellow golfers.

Do you have any other questions regarding this product? We'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact us, we would be grateful for your feedback!    

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