Product Review : In depth look at the Kaizen Golf Large Target Sheet

If you have been following our blogs for a while, you will know that we've been looking to add a target sheet as part of our product range. After going through a few options which didn't cut the mustard (read an example here), we've finally landed on a large canvas based product. 

In this article, we'll go through this product in detail, including key features as well as tips on how you can get the most out of it.

If you are looking to extend the life of your golf net or if your net is starting to fray, our Canvas Target Sheet can really help. 

 Kaizen Golf | Target Cloth Sheet

Why do I need a Target Sheet for my Net or Cage?

We believe a Target Sheet is definitely a worthwhile addition to your Golf Net or Cage set up for the following reasons:

  • It gives you something to aim at - we all know that golf is a target sport and the golf swing is just a means to an end (hitting the target). So having something to aim at when practicing with a Golf Net can only be a good thing. It will move your focus to a target as well as help in giving some feedback in terms of your alignment as well as start direction.
  • Similar to the above, if you are using a launch monitor - having a target to to aim at will significantly help with alignment. We all know how vitally important true alignment is when using a golf launch monitor.
  • Most importantly, and this is probably the primary reason for their existence, Target Sheets offer protection for the golf net itself. So it will significantly improve the shelf life of your actual netting as it will absorb most of the impact and friction.

Kaizen Large Golf Target Sheet - Key Features

So let's go through the product in detail and explain why, after almost a year of testing, we finally decided on this product.


Unlike most target sheets on the market which are made using polyester and are pretty flimsy, this particular product is constructed using thick canvas material. 

At 1.5m x 1.5m, it's also much larger than most target sheets on the market. Simply put, it will catch a lot more of your shots, even the bad ones.

It has target rings and a bullseye printed on one side, which will help with alignment as well as provide feedback on the start direction of your shots. The blank side is pretty useful too...we'll get onto that later. 

For hanging, eyelets are available on all 4 corners and you can easily attach it to your own golf net or cage using ropes provided. The corners are also reinforced to provide added strength. 

Kaizen Golf | Canvas Target Cloth


During my testing with every club in the bag for a number of months, I was very impressed with how well it stood up to repeated strikes. Apart from a few imprints from the ball, there was no sign of fray. 

Repeated shots with driver would just hit the target sheet and drop straight down with no fuss and higher spin wedge shots don't really seem to scuff up the surface of the canvas.  


As part of our testing, the target sheet was hung outside for a number of months being baked in the Australian summer sun as well as being rained on. Apart from getting a bit wrinkled (see below - think washing that's been hung outside), it has really stood up well against all the elements.

Kaizen Golf | Canvas Target Cloth

Is it quiet?

One of the showstoppers from previously testing the polyester product as well as a vinyl product was how loud they were. Hitting into them in instantly turned my backyard into a gun range.

The noise level from using a thicker canvas material is much better. Instead of a loud crack from thinner products, you would get more of a dull thud that is comparable to the sound you get from golf impact screens.

It it not silent like a golf net but it's quiet enough for us to also take it inside the garage simulator to test out. The noise level in an indoor setting was also acceptable by our standards. We would never even have considered taking the other products inside, that would have been pure torture. 

Kaizen Golf | Target cloth indoor testing

Any downsides?

From our testing, there are a few things to be aware of.

Firstly, as already mentioned, it is louder when compared to a golf net. At the same time, it is actually quieter than most low end impact screens.

Secondly, given the target is painted on, some of the paint may rub onto the ball and therefore mark up your ball slightly (see below). If those balls are just for practice purposes, then it may not be an issue for you, but if you want to avoid this, you can use the blank side.

Finally, when it gets windy outside, the target cloth can act as a bit of a sail. Staking your golf net into the ground or weighing it down can really help with the overall stability. 

Tips on using the Target Sheet

Here are some additional tips on how to get the most out of your Target Sheet.

  • Just hang the top - although there are eyelets on all four corners, we found that hanging it using the top 2 eyelets is actually the ideal set up for a golf net. It's secure enough and allows for more slack to absorb the impact from the golf ball. Keeping it looser will also help in windy situations.
  • If you want extra protection from worm burners, just position the target sheet so that the bottom of it is touching the ground.
  • Attach some carabiner clips to the end of ropes - this will make detaching and re-attaching the target cloth much easier.
 Carabiner hooks with golf target sheet
  • Given that it's effectively a large pure white cloth, you can actually turn your golf net set up into an entry level impact screen and get a pretty decent image quality with a projector, especially if you have your net set up indoors.  

Kaizen Golf | Canvas Impact Screen with projector

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Kaizen Canvas Target Sheet is bigger, quieter and tougher than the cheaper alternatives.

It will provide added protection for your net and give it a much longer shelf life as well as give you a target to aim at to make your practice more purposeful.

You can even play some simulator golf by projecting images onto it! 

We recommend purchasing the Canvas Target Sheet together with our Large Portable Golf Net, the target sheet itself will suit most golf nets and cages.

So this wraps up our detailed review of the Kaizen Golf Target Sheet, if you have any questions regarding this product please feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you! 

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